Pantry Raiders: Moshe Isaacian

by Andrea Hernandez

Welcome to Pantry Raiders, where we highlight our community shelfies and get to know each other a bit more, pantry items want to be seen!

Mosche Isaacian is a snaxboi based in Los Angeles working at Snapchat as a creative strategist. Cooking is a side hobby of Mosche whenever they can find the time. Thank you for opening up your pantry to us, we'd love to know: 

1) What are your pantry staples? 

My spices are my staples, have every single basic one Id need and some exotic middle eastern ones for when Im making shawarma or Persian dishes. 

2) What have been the latest additions to your pantry?

Latest addition are Noodies, a new protein powder, and Gooey hazelnut chocolate!

3) Tell us ONE thing we would NEVER find in your pantry. 

You'd probably never find bacon bits or mustard. The firt one cause I keep kosher lol and the second is cause I hate mustard haha. 

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