Pantry Raiders: Elizabeth Jarrard

by Andrea Hernandez

Welcome to Pantry Raiders, where we highlight our community shelfies and get to know each other a bit more, pantry items want to be seen!

Elizabeth Jarrard is a trained as a dietitian and has worked in food marketing for last 10 years. She's the Sr Manager Consumer Engagement at Four Sigmatic and  manages their social + influencer team.

"Four Sigmatic is truly a daily staple, Chill Decaf Ground Coffee every day, I’m super proud of our products and team."

Mainly she's just out here to eat all the things and read sci-fi / fantasy.

1) What are your pantry staples? 

  • Diaspora spices (the flavor can’t be beat and seem to be a solid company all around)
  • Shared Cultures miso + furikake. The best people and super innovative flavors
  • Zesti Windy City sauce. I will literally put it on anything
  • Fishwife smoked salmon
  • Chili oil/ salsa macha. Literally can’t not buy a new one. Top 2 are Fly by Jing zhong sauce and Hot Mama Salsa smoky coffee.
  • Highlight of pandemic has been regional restaurants + makers shipping their chili oils + condiments. If I can’t come to them I feel so privileged that I can have a taste of it at home.

2) What have been the latest additions to your pantry?

Latest additions are Daphnis and Chloe Greek spices. More female owned, single origin spice companies please! All Day spice blends, super innovative flavor mixes. I think they’ll be bomb on popcorn. Momofuku instant noodles, tasty and fast.

3) Tell us ONE thing we would NEVER find in your pantry. 

Cow milk. (Lactose intolerant)

Elizabeth's got a very important message before we leave, 

"Everyone take more rest please."

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